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Come Spend a Weekend with a Veteran from Past, Present & Future"

Congratulations to the winner of the original painting:

Barb Hohmann of Douglas, Ontario


18x24 Acrylic paint on canvas
200 Limited edition prints & tickets for original painting available

I took the request from Veterans UN/NATO Canada to create the painting for the poster for their reunion this summer. It was very exciting for me as well as an honor to have done this for them.

There is 200 limited edition prints (signed and numbered by the artist myself)...They are 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size... "Only" 200 of these prints will ever be printed and in circulation... They can be purchased at my studio and they are $20.00 each.

You can inquire about the prints by emailing me or by calling me at (705) 855-3421   or by contacting Lucie at or visiting the Veterans UN/NATO Canada website  or french site