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A little about me!

Hi, my name is Nicole.
I live in Northern Ontario, Canada.
I'm mostly a self-taught artist and I have been creating art for
many years.
I get such gratification from
painting and drawing...
Art is my "love" & my "passion". 
I work in charcoal/pencil and also pastels for the portraits
& acrylics for the landscape paintings, which I do on canvas, as well
as other items like rocks,
leaves, etc......Pastels are also included in my love of art supplies...
I am tremendously inspired by and
admire "Robert Bateman's" work as well
as the artist himself!


Enjoy your visit and send me your
feedback and comments.

Contact me about anything you are interested in having painted, drawn...
or, if you want to inquire about paintings that are available...I am bilingual and my prices are reasonable. I accept and have received commissions from all ends of the world.

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